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CSS Assemblies make it simple.
The Hydrosaver ETIC is assembled into a Strong Box enclosure.  The control panel is UL approved.  The assembly comes with external terminal boards with power-drived LED's for each station.  The external power pack can run several valves at one time.  There is a GFI-outlet and master power switch.  Rainguard is installed in an RGVR on the side of the enclosure.  Live on-site ET sensor is installed in ETVR on the side of the enclosure.  Flow sensing is included.
One simple call out gets it all!
Technology To Extend Your Hand and Mind

ETIC Controller

State Approved
ETIC has been tested by the state and proven to save water. ETIC makes it easy: it's fully automated. Setup is very easy.

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Central Control
Central control is easy with ETIC, just add communications and it's online.

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8 Sensor Inputs
That's a lot of sensors. Whatever you need, we got it: Flow, Wind, Solar, Temperature, Humidity, Rain, Pressure, Soil Moisture.

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Industrial Strength
ETIC is built to industrial standards. External terminal board is standard. Plug-and-play power supply is standard. Plug-and-play front panel is standard. We don't have time to play around, let's get the job done.

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Our customers rave about our products

"You are the only guys who get it."

Art Guy, BGB Irvine, CA

"You have always been at the leading edge of technology."

Doug Newcomb, Newport Beach, CA

"I've analyzed 5 central irrigation systems. Hydrosaver's is, hands down, the best."

Dan Graham, La Sierra University

"I asked Hydrosaver to change the software for me, and they did!"

Jerry Atkin, City of South Gate