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What is the purpose of technology?
We think it is to extend your hand
and mind.

The SWAT-approved Hydrosaver ETIC has been tested and proven to work and save water. 
ETIC is working on over 500 commercial sites.
ETIC has been a proven solution since 1993-
we invented the weather-based controller!

At the end of the day,
it's not just hardware and software,
it's what you can do with them.
You will have impact your world.
We want to make it easy.

There is always more to learn

At Hydrosaver, we are different. We never lose sight of a bigger picture. You know what you are capable of, we will help you show the world.

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Hydrosaver makes electronics and software which enable you to control the use of water in landscape irrigation.

This is done scientifically, proven to save water, which is why the state of California will pay for the equipment.

The hardware is robust, we call it "industrial strength".

The software is user friendly, but there are more features than anyone has ever used.

At the end of the day, we succeed if the customer succeeds using our gear. It's pretty neat.

"You won't find this stuff anywhere else because..uh, I invented it." -Tom Carr

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You can talk to us. We will help. We won't ignore you, we won't disrespect you. We will do what we can for you.

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Concepts are important to what we do, a concept came from an idea, and the idea came from a problem that was not solved.

A part of what we do is present concepts. A bigger part of what we do is enable you to use the concept to solve a problem. Maybe you will want to let us help you. read more

Hydrosaver in the world!

So, at the end of the day. What did you get done? Who did you meet? Where did you touch the earth? If it's ok, let's try and put things in perspective.

In The World